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Based on a principle of "Quality Before Quantity" and having a Highly Trained Skilled Staff with Extensive Industry Backgrounds, Greber Machine Tool Inc, can offer its clients products and services, that few others can. There are only few companies today that can custom build a product from engineering to finishing completely in-house.

  Company Background  

Founded in 1994, Greber Machine Tool Inc. was the brainchild of Kenneth W. Greber. After spending many years working in the machining industry, Ken took a leap and started his own business. Beginning as a one room machine shop, with a manual bridgeport and lathe in the back of a building and few customers, Ken's hard work and keen eye for quality quickly grew the business. With the main principal of "Quality Not Quantity" additional customers came forth rapidly.

  The Company Early Years  

In 1996, Greber Machine Tool underwent its first expansion. The expansion added New CNC Mills and CNC Lathes. A new metal fabrication division was also introduced into the company, expanding the companies capabilities.

  Company Expansion  

Its client and customer base, as well as, economic and manufacturing practices kept changing. Ken wanted to stay a few steps ahead of his competitors in the area. As a result in 1999, Greber Machine Tool underwent its third expansion. Doubling its size, adding more CNC Machines, expanding its fabrication department were all integral parts of this expansion.

  The Final Pieces  

The addition of the Custom Powder Coating and Finishing department is one of the key pieces that really sets the company apart from its competitors. Yet, the last piece of the puzzle Ken added to Greber Machine Tool was its key personal. By adding people in the right places and his way of cross-training staff, Ken's brainchild company of years ago was complete.

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